:  Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett speaking at the conference

Bennett's big climate change plans

The Government is signalling that its plans to meet its UN Climate Change targets may involve radical land use changes such as the conversion of some dairy farms to forest. The news came in a speech yesterd…
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:  Cyclone Pam did $US92 million of damage to Tuvalu in March last year --- a foretaste of what rising sea levels could do.

Saving the Pacific

The full measure of the impact of climate change in the Pacific is clearly evident in an International Monetary Fund report on Tuvalu. The IMF report comes in the same week that New Zealand has ratified the…
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:  Confused - or confusing? Maggie Barry

Waiting for Cabinet to make its mind up

  The Government’s plan to modernise the Resource Management Act appeared yesterday to be have hit the wall. Meetings at Parliament next week to sign off revisions to the Resource Legislation Amendment …
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