: Oxford Univresity economist, Kate Raworth

The doughnut economy

Yesterday saw the unveiling of more details of the Government’s “well being” economic measures. Momentum is beginning to build on the well-being project with the next big step being an international c…
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: Infrastructure NZ CEO Stephen Sellwood

Infrastructure slowdown

The Labour-led Government is already falling behind on infrastructure investment. Infrastructure New Zealand last night said infrastructure investment projections  were down dramatically on those of 2017, …
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: Senator Manuel Cardenas-Fonseca and Senator Luis Fernandez from Mexico in talks at Parliament yesterday.

Say cheese

New Zealand now has an opportunity to capture the $570 million Mexican cheese market. Mexico has imposed up to  25% tariffs on American cheese entering the country in response to President Trump’s tariff…
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: Acting Prime Minister but also NZ First Leader, Winston Peters

NZ First: When winning means losing

The new legislation for the Reserve Bank was tabled yesterday and NZ First Leader, Winston Peters, has ended up with only one of the four things he campaigned to change in the Bank’s new objectives. The B…
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