: Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones

Jones reinvents the Ministry of Works

The Government is about to reinvent the Ministry of Works. They’re not talking about the grey Wellington department that once employed thousands of workers apocryphally always leaning on their shovels; th…
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Provincial Growth Fund turns green

The Government’s forestry moves announced yesterday are really what the billion trees programme is all about --- climate change. While Forestry Minister Shane Jones likes to talk about its potential to ge…
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: National's Finance spokesperson, Amy Adams

Adams gives Robertson a break

With the Prime Minister having declared that this would be a week focusing on business, the Reserve Bank produced both good and bad news for her with its Monetary Policy Statement yesterday. As expected it …
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: Handing over; Winston peters and Jacinda Ardern at yesterday's Cabinet meeting. (Getty Images)

Why Ardern needs to woo business

With even Treasury now reporting a loss of business confidence the Government is setting out to put its economic record straight. That is presumably why it chose to headline Jacinda Ardern’s first press c…
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