:  Trade Minister Roger McClay with then-UK Trade Minister Lord price in Wellington in July before Price quit in protest at British PM Theresa May's Brexit policies.

NZ threatens trade war with Britain

New Zealand is ready to retaliate against a British move which threatens our dairy and lamb markets there. And that retaliation could go as far as to use our membership of the World Trade Organisation to st…
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: George Shultz and David Lange in 1984

Palmer 's new ANZUS revelations

The deputy Prime Minister during the 1985-86 ANZUS dispute, Sir Geoffrey Palmer, last night offered a new insight into the crisis which suggests that at least one key member of the US administration at the t…
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:  Sir Peter Gluckman

Picking on people our own size

Sir Peter Gluckman is one of those formidably energetic people who not only seem to have an idea every few minutes but who then go out and actually make them work. Now he is responsible for a Government ini…
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