: National candidate for Northcote, Dan Bidois

Greens could trip Nats up in Northcote

Though Labour and National yesterday selected their candidates for the Northcote by-election, the Greens will not decide till Thursday whether they will stand a candidate at all. If they don’t, the seat w…
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Left turn: The Greens membership speak

The overwhelming victory of Marama Davidson in the Greens co-leadership election sends a very direct message from the party’s activist base to its MPs, particularly its Ministers. The activists want the p…
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: RNZ Chair Richard Griffin answering questions at the Economic Development Select Committee

Curran survives Select Committee

If National MPs were hoping for a Ministerial head after the Select Committee appearance of RNZ's chair and CEO yesterday, they would have been sorely disappointed. The chair, Richard Griffin, and CEO, Paul…
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