: Baron Waqa, Nauru President, on the first day of the Forum meeting in Nauru. Winston Peters is there raising questions for the Prime Minister about her refugee policies.She arrived for the day on Wednesday.

Heightened tensions at Parliament

Parliament resumes today with the potential for the next four-week session to be one of the most testing of the year. Over the recess Opposition tempers have flared over the role of the Speaker in the leak …
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: Simon Bridges

Bridges finally talks policy

National Leader Simon Bridges appears to have heard the complaints from party members and today will embark on a tour to “listen” to small business. POLITIK understands that some senior members of the p…
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: Regional Development Minister Shane Jones and his csampaign against AirNZ when they cancelled services to Kapiti last March.

Jones has a go at Luxon

Fallout from the Government’s bid to counter diving business confidence continued yesterday with suggestions that National Party members have called on their MPs to focus on the confidence issue rather tha…
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:  Soeaker Trevor Mallard

National turns on the Speaker

Slowly, day by day, Simon Bridges has managed to turn a trivial inconsequential leak into a test of his leadership of National. It’s not a test in the sense of anyone challenging him; rather it is one of …
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