: The original Greens co-leadership: the late Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimons. Both opposed the original 2001 waka jumping legislation.

Greens under pressure

The Greens will come under more pressure today to end their support for the waka-jumping legislation. One of the party’s founders and former co-leader, Jeanette Fitzsimons, will appear before the Justice …
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: The Speaker, Trevor Mallard

Speaker surprised at Curran decision

The Speaker, Trevor Mallard, is surprised a Select Committee cut short its investigation into an alleged attempt by Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran to pressure a witness before the Committee. He is sugge…
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: National Broadcasting Spokesperson, Melissa Lee

Government Committee MPs save Curran

National Party MPs were stopped by Government MPs from setting in place a process which could have seen Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran charged with contempt of Parliament. The grounds arose from a voice…
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