The prison dilemma facing Labour

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says Labour will announce its decision whether to proceed with the Waikeria mega-prison this Wednesday. Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis is scheduled to make the announcement a…
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: Greens co-leader James Shaw. Got exploration ban but supports waka jumping. Is there a link?

Waka jumping and oil exploration

Did the Prime Minister get Winston Peters to support the petroleum exploration ban by locking in Greens support for the waka-jumping legislation? That is a possible scenario suggested by the papers relating…
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: Labour supporters take time out from the campaign; Candidate Shanan Halbert is in the black jacket, his hand is on the shoulder of former MP, Anne Hartley.

Much ado about not a lot in Northcote

The Northcote by-election has turned out to be much ado about not very much. With four days to go before the vote, only two things seem clear. One is that Labour seems to have had a better campaign than Na…
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