: ump's likely US Trade Representative - Don DiMicco

Our likely nemesis in Trump's Washington

As Donald Trump advances towards the White House, the whole question of free trade agreements has been thrown up in the air. Trump is opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership, and even if it is ratified in …
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No signs of Trump in Mt Roskill

If you were looking for signs in New Zealand of the voter anger that has brought Donald Trump to the White House, then the opening shots in the Mt Roskill by-election would have been a disappointment. Inste…
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:  Labour's Chief Press Secretary, Mike Jaspers; Annette King and Andrew Little at the party's conference

Labour v the media

Hostilities appear to have broken out between the Labour Party and some television journalists. The first shots were fired over the weekend at the Labour Party conference when one of Andrew Little’s staff…
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:  Gareth Morgan

Morgan's money kickstarts new party

Gareth Morgan’s new political party has already got three fulltime staff and another three contracted workers. Morgan is clearly putting his fortune behind it. And he is getting a response. Over 1000 pe…
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: Grant Robertson, Leigh Fitzgerald (Andrew Little's wife) and Little after his speech to the conference

Inside Labour's conference

A week ago Labour's former deputy leader Sir Michael Cullen set his party a challenge when he asked it to define its purpose. On Saturday afternoon he told a closed workshop at the party's conference, to wh…
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