: Sir Geoffrey Palmer

What's wrong with Parliament

The New Zealand Law Society came to Parliament yesterday and told MPs they made too many laws; they made them too quickly; some were made in secret, and much of what became law was muddled and badly drafted.…
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: Greg O'Connor

Friends thought Greg O'Connor was a Nat

The more you think about it; the more surprising is Greg O’Connor’s selection as Labour candidate for Ohariu. O’Connor himself is quite frank about where he comes from and the way people perceive him.…
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: Deborah Russell already at the top table at Labour's 2016 conference

Labour's leadership scores some wins

The Labour Party’s leadership were clearly relieved with three-weekend candidate selections. One vindicated the strategic reasons behind the Willie Jackson nomination. Another will help consolidate Andre…
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Waitangi - who won; who lost

Prime Minister Bill English’s Waitangi Day gamble appears to have paid off. His decision not to go to Waitangi itself left him open to criticism that it was the responsibility  of the Prime Minister to b…
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