Why Labour is failing

The Labour Party party is failing because it lacks vision. That near heretical proposition was put to a Fabian Society meeting in Wellington last night by one of the left's icons, economist, Brian Easton. …
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: Victory for the left in Auckland - Councillors Cathy Casey and Mike Lee with new Mayor Phil Goff

National's local election fail

The centre-left have now won control of the Auckland and Wellington Councils. This will be a major morale booster for the Labour Party though Andrew Little was quick to say that it did not necessarily trans…
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:  UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the PM. Key doesn't want Ban's job.

Key talks about his future

Those National Party Ministers who may have been sharpening their profiles in the expectation that the Prime Minister might retire within the next two or three years got a rude shock at the weekend. He told…
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