:  Commerce Minister Paul Goldsmith counting votes at the National Party conference.

National angers some its best friends

The Government is offside with the business and manufacturing lobby, traditionally core supporters of a National Government. A move which seems prompted by Housing Minster, Nick Smith, designed to lower the…
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:  NZ First delegates say yes

Maybe Winston means what he says

 Winston says so much, so often about so many different issues that it’s easy to forget what really drives him. But now, with him openly pitching New Zealand First to increase its number of seats at the …
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:  The Local Government New Zealand delegation and the Mayors confront the Local Government and Environment Select Commtitee

Councils say no to Government reforms

A much vaunted Government proposal to make local Government more efficient is meeting a wall of opposition from Councils around the country. Councillors are calling the proposal undemocratic and say that th…
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