Is NZ First about to make a capital gain?

Has NZ First scored a big win out of the forthcoming Capital Gains Tax proposal? That's a question that hangs in the wind after a cryptic remark by Shane Jones in a TV interview over the weekend. The excha…
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: Senior Whip Barbara Kuriger and Simon Bridges at the Blue Greens conference in February.

Pressure increasing on Bridges leadership

At the end of the month, the National Party embarks on its annual round of regional conferences. These will be dominated by a contested election for the party board. But in the background will be questions…
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: Brian Anderton (second from left) at the Blue Greens in Raglan in February.

Who the National junior staffer really is

The National party staffer described by Leader Simon Bridges as a "junior" is, in fact, a former Ministerial press secretary who has played a crucial role in the party's agricultural and environmental policy…
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: Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg after meeting irish MPs in Dublin l;ast week over moves to regulate Facebook in Ireland.

Look out Mark - here comes Jacinda

The Prime Minister is preparing to take her campaign to regulate social media to the world. And she appears to be ready to take an international leadership role as she tries to bring platforms like Facebook…
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: NZ Ambassador to China, Clare Fearnley and PM Jacinda SArdern unveil a plaque to mark the opening of the new embassy in Beijing.

Ardern faces critical choice

Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party now face a critical choice which could threaten the whole structure of the coalition government. They must now choose whether to allow more Chinese investment into New Ze…
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