:  Peter Dunne

Dunne gives up on Labour

Labour leader Andrew Little’s gamble in backing Willie Jackson for a position on the party's list has not cost Labour any support so far according to last night’s One News Colmar Brunton poll. The polls…
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: Sir Geoffrey Palmer

What's wrong with Parliament

The New Zealand Law Society came to Parliament yesterday and told MPs they made too many laws; they made them too quickly; some were made in secret, and much of what became law was muddled and badly drafted.…
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: Greg O'Connor

Friends thought Greg O'Connor was a Nat

The more you think about it; the more surprising is Greg O’Connor’s selection as Labour candidate for Ohariu. O’Connor himself is quite frank about where he comes from and the way people perceive him.…
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: Deborah Russell already at the top table at Labour's 2016 conference

Labour's leadership scores some wins

The Labour Party’s leadership were clearly relieved with three-weekend candidate selections. One vindicated the strategic reasons behind the Willie Jackson nomination. Another will help consolidate Andre…
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